Back us urges Evans

01 February 2013 10:29
The gaffer urges the Millers faithfully to put the recent negativity aside and get behind the team as they face Northampton tomorrow.

Evans told the 'Tiser; “The fans pay their hard earned money and are fantastic when they're behind you but you can't have teams coming here with the advantage of knowing, and Bristol Rovers manager John Ward said it last week, that if you can keep Rotherham out for 25 minutes then the crowd will turn on them."

“We don't want that. They are entitled at 3-0 down against Bristol Rovers to be unhappy but there is a limit. I've no problem with fans voicing an opinion. It's how you voice it. Our players and staff need vocal encouragement."

“I've got every reason to believe we'll go up but I need everyone to pull the rope the same way.”

“I'm no different to the manager whose name the fans were chanting when we won at Rochdale. That was only four weeks ago. I want to deliver for Rotherham United and the Rotherham public and if I don't I'll be back as a fan because I've grown to love the place."

“Drive your passion in a positive way. If Northampton have spells in the game, and they will because they're a good team, we can't have a swell against Rotherham United. All I can ask the fans tomorrow is, generate an atmosphere that can help put us third in the league.” he added

Source: MillersMAD.