Back me if you want Championship football - Evans

09 April 2012 08:15
Steve Evans tell's the Rotherham fans that he's plan is to get the Millers into the Championship

"I'll be honest with the fans, there will be some that welcome me coming and there will be some that question me coming and me being here considering the quality of the applicants.

"Do they want championship football? then get behind me. I'm not talking league one because I think we'll do that. But it's a step at a time and the first one is to try and make something happen this season. If we dont then I can assure them with the signings in the summer we'll be ready to move into the new stadium."

"It'll be a hell of a rollercoaster and it'll be a successful one and if we can emulate what we done at Crawley there will be 9 or ten thousand in the New York Stadium every week and if we've got that then that means we're being successful."


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