Annerson will be good enough - ITM

07 April 2011 11:16
Ian Thomas-Moore has confidence in Jamie Annerson as he steps up to the plate to replace injured Andy Warrington. Wazza underwent an operation yesterday after recieving a chipped bone in his foot during Saturdays defeat, giving understudy Jamie Annerson another chance to shine this season. Speaking to the Star, striker Ian Thomas-Moore gave the 22 year old the vote of confidence; “Andy has been brilliant this season. I know my dad had a lot of time for him when he was here. But things like this happen." “Jamie will get a chance now and I’m sure he will be good enough to play. I have not seen him in a game but I don’t think we have got anything to worry about from what I have seen in training. He strikes a great ball.” “Jamie started his career off at Sheffield United so he has got a little bit of pedigree so I don’t think it will be a problem for him stepping in. It is a confidence thing with goalkeepers. If he comes in and makes a great save early on, then that will set him up for the rest of the game.” Meanwhile Moore hoped that he would himself be fit to play in Saturdays game at Cheltenham ; “It has been a strange injury because it is not something that I have had before, It is getting better every day so hopefully I will be okay.”