Annerson on road to recovery

16 September 2011 04:58
Goalkeeper Jamie Anbnerson is finally on the mend after being out 6 weeks with a knee problem. Atfer having fluid drained from a flare up in pre-season the 22 year old has been on the sidelines. Manager Andy Scott explained to todays Tiser: “We were worried about him. If you break your leg or something, you can see what's wrong, but we were doing everything we could to find out what was going on inside his knee and it wasn't really working. He was on antibiotics and in hospital. “There was a concern it could turn into septicaemia or other related forms of illness.”  Scott added: “It was a relief to find out because at one stage we were worried whether he would be able to come through it alright and in some ways be able to walk properly. He was really struggling and at one point the concern was whether he was going to be fit and healthy at the end of it—forget about football. “Our physio Denis Circuit has only seen a couple of instances in his career where a virus has attacked a joint. It's a blow for Jamie because he had a tough pre-season and worked extremely hard to challenge Andy and Conrad  and then got hit with that. But he's a young lad and he'll come back and hopefully use it to his benefit mentally in being able to cope with anything like that. “He was in a bad way so we are really pleased he is OK now.”