Olsen fears Irish backlash

15 October 2012 03:17

Faroe Island boss Lars Olsen has warned his players to expect a Republic of Ireland backlash as manager Giovanni Trapattoni fights to save his job.

Speculation is mounting the 73-year-old's days as Republic manager are numbered regardless of what happens at the Torsvollur Stadium in Torshavn on Tuesday night, as the Football Association of Ireland sifts through the wreckage of Friday night's 6-1 hammering by Germany.

Asked if he was aware of the pressure under which his opposite number is working, he said: "Yes, of course I know that. When you lose 6-1 at home in a country like Ireland, of course you will be under pressure."

Olsen added: "We know Ireland are the favourites tomorrow, as Sweden were, but we will try to do our best. The Faroe Islands are a small team and almost every team we are playing against will be the favourites against us.

"It's a new team, the coach from Ireland, Trapattoni, is a very old guy in the game and I am sure he has told the players, 'Okay, now we start a new game, you have to do your best'. I am sure we will have a very tough game tomorrow."

Olsen, a member of the Denmark team which against the odds became European champions in 1992, admitted he was surprised at Ireland's capitulation against the Germans.

He said: "Yes, a little bit, not that Germany won, but 6-1 is a big victory - or defeat."

Source: PA