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Rep of Ireland U21 News

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O'Brien bags brace in Ireland victory

O'Brien bags brace in Ireland victory

Debutant Aiden O'Brien claimed a double as the Republic of Ireland Under-21s surged to an impressive 3-0 friendly victory over the Netherlands.The 19-year-old Millwall striker sco..

Rep of Ireland U21 News

    Rep of Ireland U21 News

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    "Germany wasn't handicapped by anything. Italy is just that good of a team. To be so prideful to say Germany lost because of their own undoing is bullshit excuse. Italy is the better team. Stop acting like the only team who can beat Germany is themselves. Again, the only reason Germany lost is because Italy is a better team. Germany looked good this tournament because they had bad opponents."

    Vi Vicide

    Germany V Italy : UEFA Euro 2012 Match Report
    "Germany are still one of the best teams in the world and will never short of fans worldwide. Italy simply outplayed Germany. The German Team needed to play hard and should use Italian tactics when they play in the World Cup not play like Germans play like Italians against them it is the only way to beat them! I think German Team did extremely well to get near the goal the only reason Germany didn't score was because of too many Italian defenders. Remember when playing Italy, play like Italians just as Italy played hard like Germany just so they could beat Germany. "

    Roxy Chick

    Talk is cheap, only titles matter, insists Loew
    "Germany was handicapped by a defeatist atitude in the prior knowledge that they had never ever won against Italy. Löw looked a worried man and chewed his fingernails down to the bone. Gomez was seen in the pre match warm up and during the match to be pre possessed with the state of his hairstyle and not concentrating on the ball. At least once in front of the goal he flicked his hair into shape with his hand and 2 seconds later he failed to connect with a good pass in front of the goal. "

    Hori Spatula

    Germany V Italy : UEFA Euro 2012 Match Report

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