Top 10 most expensive players of all time: 5 - Ronaldo

30 July 2012 03:08
He is considered by experts and fans to be perhaps the greatest goalscorer in the history of the sport, this is reflected in how much clubs have been willing to pay for him.

His move to Inter racked up an impressive price tag of £26million, although this was then beaten by his move to Real Madrid for £39million.

Even his transfer from PSV to Barcelona in 1996 for over £13million, was a huge price to pay for the time.


Cruzeiro to PSV Eindhoven, £4.810.000

PSV Eindhoven to FC Barcelona, £13.200.000

FC Barcelona to Inter Milan, £26.600.000

Inter Milan to Real Madrid, £39.600.000

Real Madrid to AC Milan, £6.600.000

Total transfer fee: £90.810.000

(Figures quoted from the Press)

Source: DSG