Ronaldo - World's Greatest?

21 November 2012 10:05

The Portuguese captain has excelled at the Santiago Bernabau since joining in 2009 for a record sum of €94million with an incredible 165 goals in 162 games.

Recently he has been backed by some of the legends in world football with the likes of Gary Neville, Roberto Carlos, Roberto Mancini and Sir Alex Ferguson showing their admiration of the striker.

Sir Alex recently labelled Ronaldo as ”unbuyable” and said “It would be a Christmas wish come true” if Ronaldo was to return to Manchester but would be “highly unlikely”.

Roberto Mancini – “The only way to stop Ronaldo may be to call the police”

Roberto Carlos – “He is someone that can win matches for you in many different ways”

Gary Neville – “On another planet” “Best in the world”

With 19 goals in 18 games in all competitions this season, the 27-year-old has carried Los Blancos more than once scoring 2 hat-tricks and 4 braces to swing vital points their way which will prove to be crucial come the end of the season.

Speculation in October of Ronaldo not being happy at the club, when he was noticed not celebrating his goals, has since blown over and Ronaldo is back smiling as much as ever and celebrations continue for the permanently in-form striker.

Even when under the spotlight of the press, being questioned about his future at the Bernabau, the striker still continued to score goals and show real passion and commitment to his club and colleagues. Not only a fabulous player but a respected team mate to contribute in so many ways to one of the best teams ever to grace the turf.

Source: DSG