Problems at Real Madrid... once again

29 August 2012 03:28
Real Madrid haven't had the best start to the league, a draw and a loss sum up a total of one point. Mourinho, in a press conference said that for him right now it is more important to see whether the player's attitudes in last weekend's game against Getafe were just a one time thing, or if there is anything wrong in the team.

The day after Mourinho's press conference, according to some Spanish press, Casillas and Ramos had a few words with 'The Only One'. Spanish newspaper El Pais says that Iker Casillas told Mourinho he was unhappy with what he had said the day before and that "you're the first person you should be criticising". Mourinho reportedly snapped back at the European and World Champion "Here you all act like the bosses of everything". Sergio Ramos accused Mourinho that he protects some players, while others you single them out in public.

It's not the first time that rumours of a drift in the Real Madrid dressing room have surfaced, the three times that these 3 have argued, the same points always seem to come up: Spanish players think that Mourinho gives preferential treatment to the Portuguese players and Mourinho thinks the Spanish players are very much protected by the Spanish press.

Neither Real Madrid or any of the people involved have said anything regarding the argument.

What is true is that Real Madrid will host Barcelona today to decide who will win the Spanish Super Cup. Were Madrid to lose this match, more questions regarding the relationship - or lack there of, will no doubt resurface.

Written by: Monica Villar

Source: DSG