Cristiano Ronaldo's Newest Nightmare

25 June 2013 02:28

When the lanky Brazilian Neymar announced his decision to play at the Nou Camp from next season, a frenzy of excitement took over La Liga at the prospect of watching two superstars from neighbouring nations slugging it out on the pitch for the same team, match after match trying to best each other, terrorizing defences and goal keepers while possibly causing more nightmares to the man who has been trying to get one-up over Messi forever.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid is in the process of overcoming the loss of a shrewd coaching head in Jose Mourinho and the club’s job to regain trophies next season has now been made even tougher with the arrival of Neymar at Barcelona.

Ronaldo has been fighting tooth and nail against Messi to establish himself as the better player in the League and more importantly aid his team in bettering their bitter rivals. The advent of Jose Mourinho promised much and the snapping of the Barca’s streak of three consecutive League title triumphs was supposed to be just the beginning of the dream. But a sour season, that ultimately ended trophy-less, saw the Special One return home to London leaving Madrid in tatters while Barca continued to strengthen its team.

Madrid might have the money to buy itself into a formidable position again but Cristiano could now be forced to much more burden than he can carry. The onus will be on him to guide the Los Blancos through the next season – a tough job that has little margin for slip ups or errors as the lethal combination of Messi and Neymar would guarantee three points for Barcelona with ease.

With the quality he possesses, Ronaldo might be content to let his skills do the talking for him on the pitch. As the next season gets closer, one cannot wait enough to witness the first of the (hopefully many) Classicos which would match the might of Barca against the will of Cristiano!

Source: DSG

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