WAG of the day: Katsia Zingarevich

13 July 2012 03:26

People are saying that Katsia Zingarevich is the sexiest WAG on the planet right now (perhaps even ever!), so we thought we would have a look to see what all the fuss was about.I think they may be right!

Katsia is the Minsk-born Belarusian bombshell who has arrived to take her rightful place on the Premier League WAG throne in the coming season.

The stunning underwear model is married to new Reading owner Anton Zingarevich who isn't exactly short of a few quid and it shows she hasn't had a tough life.

Rarely fully clothed she first achieved modelling greatness aged 17 when she was named Ford's Supermodel Of The World in 2006. The blonde beauty was later signed up as one of the new faces of Victoria's Secret lingerie in 2010.

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Source: DSG