League to trial technology

08 July 2007 12:25
The Premier League is planning to trial the Hawk-Eye technology introduced in tennis at this year's Wimbledon to determine whether the ball has crossed the line or not. The "blind trial" will take place at Reading's academy with a view to implementing the ball-tracking system in matches should it prove successful. Numerous Premier League managers have championed the use of such technology for numerous years in a bid to reduce the amount of contentious goalline decisions. "We have a contract with the Premier League to develop a system purely to resolve the dispute whether the ball crossed the line, purely for the referee and not for television," Paul Hawkins, managing director of Hawk-Eye Innovations told BBC Five Live's Sportsweek programme. "The process is to be evaluated by the Premier League and then by FIFA. "If we jump those hurdles then the end aim is to have it installed in all Premier League grounds hopefully. "It will be tested next month and the process will evolve from there. "It took a couple of years in tennis from the start of tests to it being used and we can probably expect the same timeframe."

Source: ESA