Federici calls for intervention

11 February 2009 01:23
The Australian's distribution has been targeted by opponents and Preston's Steve Elliot was fortunate not to be booked for a foul on the goalkeeper on Saturday.

And Federici is becoming increasingly incensed by the tactic.

"It's getting quite frustrating," he told the club's official website. "After the first couple of games I played, teams picked up on it and I now have a lot of people standing behind me or in front.

"At the weekend I got a kick in the ankle when my leg was in the air and that is quite dangerous because it's not protected. Injuries could really happen so I just hope referees will go and put a stop to it.

"On Saturday I was looking to put Leroy in one-on-one with a defender so it would have been a good opportunity for us."

Source: Team_Talk