Blackwell confirms talks with Lita

30 July 2009 04:27
But Blackwell has taken a swipe at modern-day football agents as Lita, 24, ponders his future, as negotiations with United trialist Glen Little's representatives also hang in the balance. Blackwell told BBC Radio Sheffield: "I've been in contact with his (Lita's) agent. It's a classic example of too many people talking for him. "I'd like to think the kid could play his football and let the rest take care of itself, sadly it's never like that." Blackwell added: "I've offered Glen a contract, but I think his mum and dad want to get involved and his daughter and sister, so we'll see. He's done well and we've put in an offer that we think is genuinely worth taking into consideration." Little, 33, who spent the end of last season on loan back at former club Reading, has been released by Portsmouth.

Source: Team_Talk