Who is Andrew Ellis?

10 May 2010 07:13
Andrew Ellis, it seems, is a man who doesn't want people to know much about him. What assets he has, what businesses he owns or is involved in, or his level of net worth. His attempts to purchase Rangers are being driven from off-shore where secrecy is king. A search of directors on companies’ house brings a return of 93 people by the name of Andrew Ellis. Although it is possible that the Andrew Ellis looking at Rangers is indeed 5 of those 93!Whilst I say it is possible it is very difficult to say for certain. I started my search using the parameters that we know about him; property, London based and in his early 40’s.The first result that caught my attention was the following:Andrew Ellis39 Egerton GardensLondonSW3 2DDThis Andrew Ellis was born on 12th May 1967. This listing relates to a now dissolved company, Premier Sports Developments Ltd. A look into this suggests this company was involved with Northampton Town. A previous address was the Sixfields Stadium. This therefore was enough to establish this was Andrew Ellis; or at least the one we are interested in. He owned half the company and Kenneth William Good the other half.The second result of note was:Andrew Ellis50 Beauchamp PlaceLondonSW3 1NGHowever, this Andrew Ellis was born on the 2nd of May 1967. So, on the face of it perhaps a different Andrew Ellis? This result was in relation to another business described as a real estate agency. The company, now also dissolved, is Bradfield Marketing Ltd. Andrew Ellis owned 99 shares with Cheryl Ellis owning the other 1. The next result is what links the two Andrew Ellis’ so far:Andrew Ellis39 Egerton GardensLondonSW3 2DDThis Andrew Ellis is the same as the first one but has the same date of birth as the second, i.e. 2nd of May 1967. Therefore, there are three slightly different Andrew Ellis’ so far with details that suggest they are one and the same.This Andrew Ellis however is the director of a still active company. The company is Creedwell Ltd; again described as a real estate agency. The company’s credit rating has been suspended, it “appears financially valueless” according to a top credit search company. This company is owned 50/50 by Ellis and Oliver George Dodd who was mentioned in a Daily Record article about Ellis which suggests they are linked.Still following me?Andrew Charles Peter Ellis21 Queens RideLondonThis Andrew Ellis was born on the 2nd May 1967? Is it the same one as above? The Andrew Ellis looking at Rangers is the son of Peter Ellis so it’s possible. He is listed as the director of another two real estate and property firms. The first, Blunham Properties Ltd has had its credit rating suspended and again “appears to be financially valueless”. Its total net worth is minus £80,000. The company is owned by a David Ian Worrell although Ellis is the only director. The second company showing him as a director is a Braidhall Consultants Ltd, again in the property field and fully owned by the director. The company is a new company and has never filed any accounts and suppliers/creditors are warned to “exercise extreme caution” before offering any credit terms to the company.Indeed, in Blunham Properties Ltd there are two directors listed as Andrew Charles Peter Ellis with a date of 2nd May 1967. So, are there only two Andrew Charles Peter Ellis to use a terracing chant? Or are there five Andrew Ellis?! Five Andrew Ellis?!LET’S NOT GET TOO PARANOID!If I’ve not lost you by now how about this one:Tobias Andrew EllisAndrew Ellis Estate Agents LtdThe above company operate out of premises in 97-101 Lowfield Street in Dartford, Kent. Tobias Andrew Ellis is a director alongside Michael Rossi and Gino Cinganelli. This company has again had its credit rate suspended, “appears financially valueless” and has a negative total net worth of £24,000. This Ellis though was born on the 2nd March 1986 – could it be the son of sharing the same birthday?! This Kent estate agency has a registered office on the 2nd floor, 35 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7JF. What was the name of the offshore trust used by Andrew Ellis to launch his bid for Rangers? Yes, Marlborough Trust. Now, that is clearly not conclusive proof of anything but it is not uncommon for street names or house names etc linked to a company to be used in their more discreet activities.However, despite these co-incidences the company has distanced itself from the deal! - http://www.kentonline.co.uk/kentonline/news/2010/march/11/rangers_in_dartford.aspxI’m not saying 100% that Tobias Andrew Ellis is linked to our Andrew Ellis but there are a few curious co-incidences!For most people and/or businesses that move off shore after a relative period of success makes it worth their while there is always some kind of trail – none of that can be established with Andrew Ellis. The only trail we can establish here is one of low net worth businesses and very little substance. Have we managed to identify the real Andrew Ellis above? If not then he must have been able to hide all traces of himself. Both considerations leave the question – do we want either involved in buying the club?


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