Weir: Burley comments ridiculous

18 November 2009 08:43
On Tuesday, the nephew of the sacked national team boss lashed out at those he feels were partly to blame for the former Hearts and Ipswich manager's demise.

But Rangers captain Weir, a former Scotland team-mate of Craig and one of 52 players used during George's ill-fated 22-month reign, told the Daily Record: "I find that a ridiculous comment to make and 100% untrue.

"Someone with Craig's experience at the top level should know better than to say something like that.

"Professional players aren't in the game because they lack the intellect to do anything else. We're fortunate to be in the game and we appreciate that, but to say we're thick is an insult.

"We wouldn't be international players if we were too thick to understand what the game's about."

He added: "What Craig has to say about players' intelligence does not stack up. We have reached where we are because we know how to take information on board.

"There are different ways of measuring intelligence and I just don't know what reason he would have for making a derogatory remark like that.

"It's an insult to your intelligence to have someone say the Scotland players were too thick to take instructions on board. I can't believe it."

Meanwhile, Weir's Ibrox team-mate Kevin Thomson has called for whoever becomes the new Scotland boss to bring Allan McGregor and Barry Ferguson back into the fold.

Ferguson and McGregor were hit with lifetime bans for flicking V-signs at photographers during April's World Cup qualifier with Iceland, days after indulging in an early-hours drinking session at the team hotel.

Thomson said: "If Scotland want to have any success, they really should have their best players playing.

"Greegsy (McGregor) is a top guy. What he did, he knew was wrong. He apologised for it. Everyone in life, whether you are a footballer or in any line of work, should be given a second chance.

"It's the same for Fergie (Ferguson). I always stood by him and enjoyed playing alongside him.

"If he was invited back, I'm pretty sure he would be honoured and take that opportunity."

Source: Team_Talk