SPL happy to see Old Firm stay put

12 November 2009 05:33
A proposed overhaul of the current English Premier League set-up, the brainchild of Bolton chairman Phil Gartside, would have saw the Glasgow giants invited in to an English Premier League Two.[LNB]However, the idea was denounced as neither "desirable or viable".[LNB]A spokesman for the SPL said: "Rangers and Celtic are massive assets to the SPL and a vital part of the Scottish footballing landscape.[LNB]"Both clubs will continue to make an important contribution to the development of our league.[LNB]"We have a new chairman and a new chief executive in position, and with that there is a fresh impetus to build upon the work that has already been done in the SPL to reinvigorate Scottish football."[LNB]Scottish Football Association chief executive Gordon Smith welcomed what appeared to be an end to the Old Firm's dream of moving south.[LNB]He said: "I'm glad the uncertainty has been taken away from the situation.[LNB]"It wasn't beneficial having that uncertainty hanging over the game in Scotland.[LNB]"Hopefully we can move forward with both clubs focused on being a big part of the Scottish set-up."[LNB][LNB]

Source: Team_Talk