Ross warns Fleck of Glasgow life

12 February 2009 11:15
Ross says part of the reason why his career seemed to slide after moving to England was because nowhere compared with life at Rangers.Despite that, he admits he does not miss living life under the glare of the Old Firm spotlight."Every day I ask what happened. To be honest I don't think I ever recovered from leaving Rangers," said Ross."Everything was perfect at the club, and when I went to other places I didn't think things were done as well, and I didn't handle great."After being at Rangers from the age of 16 you expect the same standards to be met and they aren't."And although he has been impressed by Fleck's performances on the pitch, Ross urged the 17-year-old to be careful as he becomes better known around Glasgow."This boy's going to be a star. I was just a hard-working honest defender," said Ross."If I could have my time again I would have moved out to Livingston, or something, and kept myself out of Glasgow city centre."That would be the biggest thing."Because even when you're having a cup of coffee you get the wrong kind of attention."You're getting watched constantly, and not just when you're playing."So I'd say to John to keep his head down and move out of the city, but I think he'll be fine."

Source: BBC_Sport