Rangers chief executive Charles Green is happy with the club's share floatation

19 December 2012 10:19
Rangers chief executive Charles Green claims he is happy with the outcome of the club's share floatation.

Green has revealed the bulk of the shares in the Scottish Third Division club have been purchased by City investors. The Rangers owner had been hoping for the club's support to take up £10m worth of shares, but despite falling well short of the projected target, the Yorkshireman remains positive. Green said:

"The institutional community have invested heavily. We've taken £17m already from institutions and that list is out there public; it's the great and good of London.

"For me as chief exec the really important endorsement is that of the financial community who have come out in support of it.

"All football clubs are high risk and there's been a history of failure to deliver.

"We know that football clubs historically haven't performed very well, but Rangers is an institution, it's a major sporting brand and we think that makes a difference."

Source: team_talk