McCoist: SFA should drop probe

23 November 2012 11:53
Ally McCoist has called for the SPL to drop a probe into alleged undisclosed payments to players in the wake of Rangers 'big tax case' success.

A First Tier Tax Tribunal this week delivered a majority verdict in favour of the Ibrox side, who were facing a claim by HMRC in relation to the use of Employee Benefit Trusts. The decision could have an impact on an SPL-appointed commission inquiry into alleged undisclosed payments to Rangers players under a previous regime which centres on EBTs. If found guilty, Rangers could be stripped of titles. The hearing was set to take place earlier this month but has been delayed, with no new date set as yet. McCoist believes the scrapping of the probe would provide closure on a turbulent period in the Light Blues' history. He said:

"I would be extremely hopeful that common sense would now prevail and they would drop it.

"That would be the ideal situation and we could all start moving forward again. "All we want is an opportunity to start again and move forward.

"If they did that, there would certainly be closure on that point and we could start again." On the verdict, McCoist added:

"From the club's point of view, it's one we hoped we would get.

"The over-riding feeling was satisfaction and pleasure. "We feel it was the right decision and we're delighted with it."

Source: team_talk