Have your say - Does the Premier League need Celtic and Rangers

By 12 November 2009 09:48
Bolton chairman Phil Gartside has opened a familiar debate with his proposal for Celtic and Rangers to join England's elite in a new-fangled Premier League.

Gartside is backing a two-tier top flight, each comprising of 18 teams, with a fluid relegation/promotion set-up between them. As well as the Old Firm, there could also be a franchise from Ireland.

It's a controversial idea that has received the backing of Martin O'Neill, David Moyes and Harry Redknapp amongst others.

To gain approval, Gartside's fundamental changes would require the backing of 14 of the 20 Premier League clubs.

But what do you think? Would the Premier League benefit from the inclusion of Scotland's superclubs? Can you see a two-tier system working? Or do you think the whole thing is no more than money-hungry profiteering?

Leave your comments below and we'll highlight the best in a follow-up article tomorrow.

Source: DSG

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