Green puts death threats in context

22 October 2012 03:47

Rangers chief executive Charles Green has apologised to fans for revealing he received death threats in the early stages of his spell in control at Ibrox.

In an interview with the Scottish Sun, Green revealed he was forced to change his address week to week and was "physically intimidated on the streets of Glasgow". However, he later released a statement apologising to supporters for any "upset" the article caused.

Green said in the statement: "In remarks attributed to me in today's Scottish Sun I was trying to get across how far we have travelled together since the dark days of the club being put into administration and subsequent liquidation of the old company."

He went on: "No words can express the gratitude I feel towards Rangers fans at the way they have stood by the club in one of its darkest hours.

"They have risen to the challenge of helping rebuild this great institution and have won widespread admiration across the world for their backing of Rangers.

"Not a day goes by without foreign TV stations or journalists telling me how amazed they are by the response of fans as they continue to back the club in huge numbers.

"The reality is there were a few occasions in the very early days where I was clearly not the flavour of the month among some sections of the fanbase and I was subject to taunts and abuse.

"However, that was short-lived and the fans are now behind me and the board and we have all moved on together. I just want to make it clear that I believe Rangers fans are the best in the world and that is my heart felt position.

"I appreciate the article in today's Sun has upset some supporters and for that I am truly sorry.

"As I stated, I was merely trying to illustrate how far we have all come together."

Source: PA