Getting the right people in - on and off the pitch

04 May 2013 08:30
It's party time and a packed Ibrox Stadium will be in full voice.


The last game of the season is finally here.  It is always good to see a Rangers captain lift a trophy aloft and today we'll witness Lee McCulloch being presented with the SFL3 trophy. This has been a long, and at times, difficult season for Rangers supporters so it is nice to end it by celebrating winning some silverware.  As we look back on season 2012/13, there are many concerns for Rangers fans - both on and off the pitch.  Those concerns have to be resolved so that we’re prepared for the 2013/14 campaign. 


On the field of play, we have dropped too many points.  Ibrox is nearly full each time Rangers plays there so our stadium has to become more of a fortress. We should not be suffering home defeats.  In fact we should be winning our home games much more comfortably.  For Peterhead and Annan Athletic to leave Ibrox with maximum points is unacceptable. 


The players have to find a winning mentality and give more to the Rangers cause.  Dado Prso once said that when he played he was like a soldier going into battle and that his team mates are his comrades.  His attitude was to “never give up, no matter the opposition” and Prso’s mentality should be copied by the current crop of Rangers players.  


We should expect nothing less than for those given the honour to play for Rangers to give their all for the Rangers cause each and every time they pull on the Rangers shirt.   Our players are on top salaries. Not many players have given us value for money this season.  This has to change for next season and the players should be given the ultimatum to either  give their all, or leave.  We have to be ruthless. Some of the current squad are, quite simply, not good enough. Those players should be moved on. 


Football is an entertainment business and although we have some individuals who can entertain us, as a team we have not played entertaining football more than half a dozen times (and even that’s being generous) this season. The team has showed the occasional good performances but we need to be entertained on a more regular basis. Our players have to show consistency and become more ruthless on the pitch. 

It is not just on the pitch that we have to have the best possible people involved.  We have to have a board of directors in place that care about Rangers and will look after the long term interests of the club.  Not people who are just here to make some money.   A lot of what Charles Green did was good especially standing up against the Scottish FA and he also took the time to speak with the fans.  He's walking away with millions of pounds.  I really hope he destroys Craig Whyte in court or else that hard work will soon be forgotten.  Green has created uncertainty at a time when we thought we were heading towards some much needed stability.

Green has left and Ahmed has followed him.  We now have an Interim CEO in place.  I am not sure if Craig Mather is the right man to be CEO. As he is now COO, it would make sense to bring in a separate CEO but we'll see what happens in due course.  Fans do not pick these roles but we need to make the right appointment.  Do we have the right group of people to take us forward? Time shall tell.  

We have to have the people on and off the pitch that can move us forward as a club. We will witness Celtic win the SPL for a few more years and they will play in Europe. We have to be in a position to win the SPL as soon as the club return there. Right now any club could beat us, so things have to change rapidly. 

A lot of players in the current squad have the potential to become Rangers legends.  Add the odd experienced player and we'll be prepared for the campaign.  We will have a month where we can select only the current squad.  Anyone we sign on a pre contract won't be able to play for us until the month of September is here and our league campaign is well underway.  

Come 2014 the farcical signing ban will be over and we'll be able to run the club without illegal restrictions being put in place that have hindered the operations of the club.

There are rumours galore about who Ally McCoist will bring in for next season.  There's been former Rangers players mentioned.  The likes of Kris Boyd, Kenny Miller and Nacho Novo have all been rumoured to be coming 'home' to play for Rangers.   I'm open to this happening.  At least we would have players willing to give their all for Rangers. All three would be capable of scoring goals.  Boyd, Miller and Novo would all do really well at the level we are currently playing.

I often think what Bill Struth is looking down and thinking about what’s happening at Rangers.  Struth famously said that “no matter the days of anxiety that come our way, we shall emerge stronger because of the trials to be overcome” – we have to never forget those words and use them an a motivation to getting back to the highest level. 


Like every other Rangers fan, I was looking forward to a relaxing summer. I had hoped that after the uncertainty of last summer, this pre-season would be both drama and stress-free.  Every Rangers fan deserved to go away on their summer holidays this year and relax, recharge their batteries and look forward to us continuing on our journey next season.  Sadly relaxing doesn't sound as if it will be an option for us. 


Let's hope this summer sees us make the right decisions both on and off the field.  Let's hope we're in a position to celebrate adding more silverware this time next year. 


Onwards and upwards.