Gers face UEFA probe

05 November 2009 06:38
UEFA have charged Rangers with the improper conduct of their fans following disturbances during Wednesday's Champions League draw against Romanian side Unirea Urziceni in Bucharest. Gers supporters were seen on TV destroying seats and challenging match stewards during the 1-1 draw. UEFA's control and disciplinary body will deal with the case next Thursday, with their head of communications, Rob Faulkner, quoted as saying: "We take any incident like this seriously, but we have to get all the facts. "As far as we can establish at the moment, it seems there were a number of Rangers supporters who came late into the stadium and we need to find out why. "Then there was an issue about where they were going to sit as apparently there were banners already placed there, which resulted in the request to remove some banners, which seems to have ended in a clash between stewards and some supporters. "If we need to discuss with people who were there on site, we will do that and obviously we'll take action after that."

Source: ESA