Gers fans explore takeover options

10 November 2009 12:33
Hamburg and Espanyol members-run model will be discussed at the RST's annual GersPride conference at Ibrox on Saturday.

The RST, whose goal is to deliver ownership of Rangers to the fans, have held talks with "heavy duty" investors over the possibility of joining forced to buy out majority shareholder Sir David Murray.

RST spokesman David Edgar told Press Association Sport: "I think some people believe a club like Rangers are too big to be fan-owned but that's why we're speaking to clubs of this stature.

"Barcelona and Real Madrid work to a members model, which is a 'one member, one vote' model."

He added: "Rather than just sit and talk theoretically about it, we want to get over a couple of people from successful clubs where this model is in place."

Cash-strapped Rangers are expected to announce debts of around £30million when their annual figures are released on Thursday.

Edgar said: "The state that Rangers are in would not have been allowed to happen had we had people who were accountable."

He added: "Part of the problems that have been caused at the moment has been the utter disregard of the previous regime for the support.

"They haven't been able to connect with us, they don't know what we want."

Murray is looking to sell his 90% stake, with Rangers confirming last month they had received tentative enquiries from interested parties.

South Africa-based multi-millionaire Dave King has been linked with a potential takeover but the idea of a members-run model is also gaining momentum.

Edgar insisted the RST were not looking to emulate the Ebbsfleet concept, which saw fans voting on matters such as transfer and team selection.

He explained: "It's more like a government: you elect a board, you elect a chairman; they can run the club how they see fit.

"However, if they don't do a good job, you can vote them out.

"We're talking with various interested people about models going forward, some heavy-duty investors.

"The people who are circling around Rangers at the moment do understand the importance of fan representation, which is very positive from our point of view."

He added: "I don't want to name names at the moment because it wouldn't be fair of me to identify people who have their own reasons for wishing to retain their anonymity."

Edgar insists it is unfair to expect fans to bankroll the club without giving them a say in how it is run.

"Why shouldn't we have a say?" he said.

"We're not going to sit back, put this money in and just be told to shut up and buy a pie. Those days are gone.

"If they want our money, especially in this economy, then you're damn right we want a say in how this club's run."

Source: Team_Talk