Broadfoot relishing return to action

18 November 2009 03:18
Broadfoot is on course to make his long-awaited comeback before the end of the year but has suffered so many setbacks in his recovery that he is refusing to put a precise date on his return.

The 25-year-old Scotland international has revealed the depth of his frustration at being out for so long, admitting he had taken it out on those closest to him.

"My life has always revolved around football so it's hard when the matchday is not there at the end of the week," he told Rangers News.

"I'd say my girlfriend and my mum and dad have borne the brunt of that because I'm not going to hide from the fact that I'm far grumpier when the injury is affecting me.

"I'm not a nice person at times because of it. I had a day last week when I went out and did some work and, when I went home, the foot was quite sore.

"I was sitting thinking to myself, 'Am I ever going to get better?', and my girlfriend was trying to talk to me but the injury had put me in a bit of a mood. It is hard to take at times."

Broadfoot explained just how problematic the injury has proven since March's Co-operative Insurance Cup final defeat to Celtic.

"The scans don't show up anything because the damage was to the ligament underneath the mid-foot," he said.

"But my foot was getting no support in that area and that's why I was getting shooting pains.

"So they had to shave away a bit of bone to repair the ligament. Then they had to screw it and hold it. It's a very rare injury.

"Even the physios and doctors here, in all the years they have been in football, haven't come across this type of injury.

"People maybe haven't thought of it as the serious injury it is, but that doesn't bother me too much. I know it's been serious and that's all that matters.

"I just caught my studs in the turf crossing the ball against Celtic in February and, after that, I had a few problems with the foot.

"It's why I didn't play much in the two weeks in the build-up to the cup final.

"But the fact that game then went to extra-time didn't do me any favours because you could see for the last 45 minutes of it, I was hobbling around the pitch.

"It's been hard since then because I haven't had a long time out like this before. I broke my foot once and I think I was out for maybe 10 weeks tops."

Broadfoot now regrets playing in the Hampden showpiece, adding: "Looking back on it now, I have to admit that I regret it in a way because I didn't do my foot any good - I probably made it 10 times worse.

"We also lost the final so you think to yourself, 'What's the point?'. And I ended up getting sent off, so when you look at that, you could say there are regrets.

"But there is no point looking back and saying, 'I wish, I wish, I wish' - I did it so I need to get on with it now."

Helping him do that is Rangers team-mate Maurice Edu, whose own recovery from long-term injury has dovetailed with that of Broadfoot.

"Mo has more or less pulled me through it at times, to be honest," Broadfoot said.

"If I was in on my own, I might have cracked up by now."

Source: Team_Talk

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