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Brittle Bone Society needs your help

23 Oct 2013 21:05:50

Brittle Bone Society needs your help

The Follow Follow Golf Classic has for the last couple of years supported the BBS.

In particular in the person of our adopted mascot Cameron Allan - a great young man who needs some help.  He and his family come down to the Classic to present the prizes.

This year Indoloyal’s brilliant work allowed us to donate £1,000 to the Brittle Bone Society.On the BBS website - - you can find out about the work of the charity.Cameron is a budding sportsman who we know is keen to get into wheelchair racing and doing new age kurling.Cameron features on page 7 of the latest newsletter - - and page 9 of the annual review.To help families like Cameron’s I hope you can perhaps spare a few bob, please visit the Brittle Bone website and give what you can -



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