A proposal for league title celebration

23 April 2013 10:18
When we play Berwick Rangers we should parade not just the 3rd Division trophy but all all the championship wining pennants in the Trophy Room. We did this way back in April 1975 when John Grieg stopped 10 In A Row. It was a lifetime ago - but it remains in the memory.   We played Airdrie in the last game of the season and promptly lost 2-0 in a dreadful game!   But what remains are the memories of John Greig being driven around the Ibrox pitchside track in a chariot (well a pony and trap!) - followed by the Rangers Accordion Band and a large group of majorettes each of whom carried one of the framed league championship winning pennants which had been taken down from the walls of the Trophy Room for the day.   Perhaps this time we could have youth players carry the pennants - it would be a great symbol of continuity between the earliest years of the club and the present day. A sign that whatever the division, whoever the players and whatever the circumstances Rangers have survived and thrive.   I recall my dad and other men from the district taking us kids into the Centenary Stand for the day - a fantastic sunny day in a packed Ibrox. We arrived early so we could get near the front and see the wee parade and be near the action. Fantastic memories.   Let’s make the 4th of May 2013 just as memorable.  

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