Belgian Pro League review - Genk vs Cercle Bruges

07 August 2014 12:40

Normally, I would've dared to bet money on a Genk victory against Cercle Bruges, but after last week’s performance, which was a continuation of late last season, I was not as sure any of the two would come out on top.

Sacking manager Ferrera after only one game clearly didn’t inspire the home-side to great deeds, excelling in sloppy passes and a sterile attacking game. Cercle didn’t fare much better, trying to force their hand but never amounting to an open chance. With half-time drawing near, the first goal did fall. Genk keeper Bizot blundered, kicking air instead of the ball, after which Croatian midfielder Bacelic-Grgic tapped it in, making it 0-1.

Never underestimate the power of being behind, for Genk came level after Werner – again a keeper – pushed the ball into Buffel’s feet, who gratefully took the present. One-all was the score at the break.

The second half seemed to bring out the best in Genk, at least for a few minutes. Cercle midfielder Joey Godee even tried to lend a hand, receiving an expulsion after a nasty tackle. But even with a man more, Genk couldn’t build up a decent attack. Cercle nearly won the game, but the home side’s defenders stopped Dussenne just in time. The game ended a draw, and both teams have their work cut out for them.

Source: DSG