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Mackie blasts "repulsive" Diouf

10 Jan 2011 09:00:03

Mackie blasts "repulsive" Diouf

QPR striker Jamie Mackie has branded El-Hadji Diouf "an absolute disgrace" after it was claimed the Blackburn player abused him while he lay on the pitch with a broken leg.Mackie sustained a double fracture in a 50-50 clash with defender Gael Givet which saw both players carried off on stretchers in Rovers' 1-0 FA Cup third-round victory at Ewood Park on Saturday.QPR manager Neil Warnock described Diouf after the game as "the gutter type", adding: "I was going to call him a sewer rat but that might be insulting to sewer rats."And Mackie was equally incensed, describing Diouf's alleged behaviour as "repulsive".The 25-year-old said in the Sun: "I'm lying on the floor with a bad injury and even his team-mates were embarrassed by what Diouf was saying."There's no room for that in the game - and in my opinion he's an absolute disgrace. I'm trying hard not to think about Diouf. That's because when I do it makes me want to snap my cast off and run up there and find him. There's no place in football for the likes of Diouf. There's a line and he crossed it. Diouf was repulsive."


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