Relegation threatened QPR & Reading could recieve 60 million

16 April 2013 05:09

It has been announced today that clubs who exit the Premier League via the relegation drop with receive £60M in parachute payments over the next three seasons, an increase of £12M from what the likes of Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers and Wolverhampton Wanderers currently receive after their downfall last season.

It has been a long cry since the Premiership was founded in August 1992 with more and more money feeding the hands of relegated clubs, yes my beloved Sheffield United have received payments after they were relegated in 2007 but it seems that as each year comes more money is being spoon fed to those who can’t keep their top flight status and like many clubs should they not return to the top within three years struggle to make ends meat once these extra payments have been cut.

Within the next few years the Financial Fair Play Rules will come into force for the Npower Championship, these rules have regulated clubs in League Two for the last few seasons and this season came into power for those at League One level. Smaller teams in the Championship will find it difficult to compete against the bigger clubs who perhaps have wealthy chairman, bigger stadium and attract more fans.

I don’t worry for my Football Club (not yet), we still have a good fan base and excellent facilities which out shine most clubs in the Football League; the Blades may be finding it tough to get back into the Championship but we shall be there again, one day.

Source: DSG