Relegation and Finance

26 April 2013 08:55

The worst part of any season for a supporter is when their team is facing relegation. It is even worse if there are still several games to go and your team has already been relegated. As a Bury FC supporter, I know this quite well.

It doesn’t take genius or banker to realize that today’s Football teams live and die by the revenue that they generate and the money they spend on players. Teams such as Bury, Portsmouth and Stockport County are not only trying to pay its daily bills, they are fighting for their very survival as a club. Every rule has an exception so may I present you with Queen’s Park Rangers. QPR has had its difficulties over the years with finance, sketchy ownership and I am sorry to say, the death of two of their youth team players.

When Tony Fernandes arrived on scene with his wallet wide open, it looked like the clubs fortunes had turned around. Many overpriced players were purchased and have then failed to perform to expected levels. Even bringing in Harry Redknapp has done little to turn the tide. Money can buy many things, but it doesn’t buy you a place in the Premier League.

Football can be cruel to its fans and when the clubs fortunes are mismanaged by those we have put our trust in, it can be even crueler. QPR face Reading this Sunday and there is little hope that either team will survive relegation but football thrives on the hopes and dreams of its supporters!

Source: DSG