Redknapp Bosingwa must leave QPR

By 16 July 2013 09:17

It’s quite amazing after seeing a documentary by now the retired player Carlisle whose last kick of his career was at the play off final at Wembley, when his club Northampton failed to gain the leap to the next higher division. The documentary was based on the subject of depression, and the after care by the FA to help players adjust to normal life and work, here we have the comments by Harry Redknapp that Bosingwa “has to move on before the start of the new season, he knows that, he has no chance at QPR, and the crowd turned on him last season, and he is not liked at QPR”, that just amazes me in the care these managers have on players who are on their all time low.

Bosingwa is in a difficult place at the moment, which does not know who will come in and sign him, if they do. Redknapp is dealing with human beings and things should have been done a lot softer, and not make his feelings of this player, publically and in an uncaring manner.

Carlisle in his documentary interviewed the FA Chief Executive, he was made like someone who knew nothing about a scheme that the FA runs on players who feel depression, and out of favour with clubs, or heading for the football scrap heap, and he knew nothing of the details either, only that a scheme seemed to exist. With managers like Redknapp and the FA it does not surprise me that dirty washing is made public in the expense of a player who is also a human being, and the FA haven’t even got a scheme to help players on any agenda.


Source: DSG