QPR new boy Eduardo Vargas, better than Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez?

22 August 2014 09:13

Eduardo Vargas is an excellent Chilean forward who has had some outstanding performances with his National team, so as in his former team “Universidad de Chile”, but somehow he hasn’t got to convince when wearing Napoli’s shirt.

I have seen Eduardo Vargas mainly when he has played for the Chilean National team, a very offensive and dynamic team where he benefited form great passing midfielders such as Arturo Vidal, Jorge Valdivia, Marcelo Diaz and Charles Aranguiz, among others.

In Chile, Vargas generally plays as a left forward, usually lacking somebody to run on his back to the left corner. Vargas is right footed, so he has had some troubles when obligated to run left.

Nevertheless, Vargas’s play characterizes for his lethal attacking game, with excellent finishing skills, plus great mobility with and without the ball. His main weaknesses are his ability to use his left foot, his shortness, and his under-pressure passing, all factors that Redknapp will have to take into account if he wants Vargas to perform like he does in Chile.

Another interesting factor to foresee Vargas perform in the Premier, will be the capability to associate with Mauricio Isla, something that Isla has achieved in all the teams he has played with another National mate.

In my opinion, Vargas can be as skillful as Alexis Sanchez, but is harder to obtain his best level of performance, so it’s up to his coach to do whatever it takes to let us see Vargas in the level that I know he has.

Source: DSG