Play Off Blues

25 May 2014 03:24

Congratulations have to be levelled at QPR for their re-entry into the Premier League once again yesterday, but with issues regarding future finances and how much it will cost the owners just to stay in the premier League, one has to ask if some changes are needed at the very top level.

In League Two we recently saw the likes of York City missing out on the chance to go up but they finished lower down the pecking order of the league they were playing in to begin with.

We then saw Derby County cruelly missing out on their shot at the Premier League yesterday.

So why does the footballing authorities insist on prolonging the football season in such a manner as this? Surely a better option would be that in the case of the Championship, the top two teams only at the end of the year get promoted?

It has worked in the past when there were four divisions so why not now? In terms of fairness, this or something like it, has to happen.

Source: DSG