npower's Home Town Heroes - Have your say!

08 November 2010 11:00
Npower are launching a new project to help get football clubs more involved in their local community and to give fans the power to decide how the clubs should do that by giving them the choice of three projects for their club, each of which will be fronted by a first team player.

All projects are aimed at children and whichever project gets the most votes, gets the go ahead. Each Football League club will have a project, so fans only have to vote for a project that will benefit their own community.

The Home Team Heroes initiative ( - which will be run over the course of npower's three year sponsorship with the Football League - is asking fans from all 72 clubs in England & Wales to vote on how £2 million should be spent.

The three projects are:
- A 'respect' training workshop for ten year-olds run in schools with a focus on team work and citizenship
- Football skills training for 4 - 6 year-olds run by the club's community coaches
- Improvement/clean up of a local park into a more football friendly space

The public will have until 31st December to decide and then each Football League club will work with npower to implement the project their fans have selected, before the end of the season. The 72 clubs will be supported in this initiative by The Football League Trust which oversees the League's community and youth development programmes.

Fans can cast their votes by clicking onto the npower website (, texting, filling in postcards at their local Football League club or one of npower's touring event stands in the local area, or by logging onto their club's official website.

Source: DSG