Martinez: Heavy pressure on managers

10 December 2009 02:15
Stoke boss Pulis and QPR counterpart Magilton are alleged to have been embroiled in bust-ups with players in the wake of defeats for their sides, resulting in internal investigations at both clubs.

Spaniard Martinez, who faces Pulis in a Premier League game at the Britannia Stadium on Saturday, does not condone what took place should either incident be proven.

However, Martinez appreciates the circumstances given the demands placed on managers and players in today's game.

"It doesn't surprise me because I've worked in a British dressing room for many years now and I know how the emotions run high, and it goes with the culture," remarked Martinez.

"It will make big headlines because people don't really understand it, but it's the nature of the game, you say what you feel and sometimes you get that sort of reaction.

"It happens. It happened in the past, it's happening now and it will happen in the future.

"Football is a high pressure sport, it's our passion, our life, and because of that emotions are high. I don't think it's anything new."

Martinez also feels the voracious appetite of the media for news further thrusts stories such as those this week into the spotlight, whereas in the past they would likely have remained under the radar.

"The media is everywhere, and anything that can be out there will be a headline," added Martinez.

"I wouldn't say the dynamics of the dressing room have changed in the last 15 or 20 years in the British game, but probably now it's more public and people find out about it."

Source: Team_Talk