Manager Appointment Needed - Harford

17 February 2010 03:49
Mick Harford believes that Rangers need to appoint a new manager if they are to steer clear of a relegation dog-fight. And Harford, who took over the managers role on a caretaker basis following Paul Hart's departure last month, would welcome the opportunity to take over on a permanent basis himself. "We're in a real dogfight at the moment," he told BBC London 94.9. "In my opinion they need to bring someone into to this club as quickly as possible - a manager who is going to re-structure the club, have his own ideas and firm beliefs in what he wants to do. "If it is me, I'll take on the challenge, if it's someone else, I'll back them all the way. "I think this football club needs a bit of stability, it needs to bring in a manager, whoever it may be, with the right credentials to turn not only this season around, but the football club around." "I've said to the players we need to start winning games as soon as possible and getting clean sheets. "We need each and every player to roll up their sleeves, stick their chest out and put some performance in."