Hughes to decide Barton punishment

14 May 2012 02:47

Mark Hughes will decide what club punishment to hand down to captain Joey Barton for his conduct during Sunday's 3-2 defeat to Manchester City, QPR owner Tony Fernandes has said.

A tense final day of the season saw QPR avoid relegation despite their loss, but the positive outcome for the Londoners was overshadowed by Barton's red card. The controversial midfielder was sent off for elbowing Carlos Tevez and then kicked Sergio Aguero and tried to headbutt Vincent Kompany before leaving the pitch.

The Rangers captain could now land up to a nine-match ban, but Fernandes insists he will not get involved in determining any internal punishment QPR hand down to the 29-year-old. "I will leave that to the manager and the chief executive (Phil Beard)," Fernandes told Sky Sports News.

"Now we just want to focus on the positives. It's a little bit early to talk about that.

"I will not step in. My goal at the club is to bring in the right infrastructure and the right people, I leave the manager to manage the players. Of course the board will be involved, but we will let him come to us and say: 'This is what I would like to do'."

Barton has denied trying to deflect attention away from his behaviour at Manchester City.

Barton apologised again on Monday morning for his red card and subsequent actions in his side's defeat, which he followed with an expletive-laden attack on his former manager at Newcastle and current Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer.

But he denied accusations from presenter Gary Lineker that his attack on Shearer was an attempt to deflect attention away from his conduct, and posted on Twitter: "No deflections here mate. Think the fact about 100m people seen it will see to that. Just don't like how he gets personal."

He added: "Right enough about yesterday, I apologise to everyone offended by it. If that's not enough for some, so be it. Life is too short.

"Things happen on the pitch, in the heat of battle sometimes. Not how we always plan them to happen. For there are brighter sides to life and I should know because I seen them, but not very often."

Source: PA