Ephraim gives backing to Magilton

16 December 2009 11:50
Ephraim has issued a plea to the Rangers hierarchy to stand by Magilton, who was stood down last week amid allegations he clashed with Hungary international Akos Buzsaky, and insists there is no question of the dressing room turning against the Ulsterman.

"There hasn't been any problem with the manager," Ephraim told the Ealing Gazette. "He's passionate and a winner and when you play badly two games in a row, you can understand he is going to be upset and that you are going to get a rollicking.

"He could have been silent but told the players it was unacceptable and I would rather have a manager do that than one that feels the need to walk on eggshells. You should respect that if you've got anything about you as a player.

"Obviously, I don't know exactly what happened at Watford last week. I don't know all the rights and wrongs. But I feel it shouldn't be made into a big issue. We have a lot of passionate characters at the club, but I think that's a good thing."

Ephraim, who is currently on loan at Leeds as he builds up his fitness following ankle surgery, added: "It's not helping us, starting again every five or six months with a new manager. What we all want is a bit of stability and I'm expecting and hoping I won't be coming back in time for another change of boss."

Source: Team_Talk