Dan Brett - FA should feel ashamed after Faurlin fiasco

10 May 2011 11:13

Although a season of good football and many wins saw the side clinch the title, a cloud hung over QPR following allegations over the signing of Alejandro Faurlin two years ago, in a deal which saw the scrutiny of third-party owners in transfer deals.

Third-party deals are no stranger to English football, with Carlos Tevez' deal to join West Ham United put under a similar spotlight, with the FA once again allowing the club to go through the season without a points deduction, allowing them to stay in the league at the expense of Sheffield United and Wigan Athletic.

The Football Association postponed any announcement of a points deduction on the club, leaving those associated with Rangers without knowledge of if they would get promoted at all. The announcement finally came at 11am on final day of the season – allowing fans' of the club to celebrate their side's achievement, however casting a spotlight onto the governing body as to whether the announcement should have been delayed such a long time.

With the fiasco first appearing in early 2011, the FA took five months to come to a decision on QRP, one which also affected those also placed within the league's top spots, including Welsh clubs Cardiff City and Swansea City, as well as Reading and Nottingham Forest.

Leeds United also narrowly missed out on a play-off spot, a place which could have been awarded to the Yorkshire club had QPR been handed a points deduction, allowing the club to try and return to the Premier League after bombing out of the division under administration in 2004.

Although the correct moral decision was reached, had the deduction happened six to seven weeks before hand, another club could now be reaping the financial benefits of a season in the Premier League, adding to the 'fair play' that should be synonymous with football.

Many have asked whether Faurlin's illegal transfer will have had anything to do with the games played anyway, as although the player was purchased under negative circumstance, he was still wanted by the club and played a pivotal role in their success.

It isn't QRP nor the play-off contenders that I feel personally sorry for however, it is those loyal fans' at Loftus Road, deprived of a proper celebration before the final day, marring their campaign, leaving their achievement at returning to the top flight tarnished by the transfer debacle.

Should the FA have stepped in earlier? Should the club have been given a points deduction earlier, making the league fairer? Or did the third-party ownership have nothing to do with the on-field issues surrounding the club – thus leaving QPR to hold their heads high?

Either way, Queens Park Rangers will be making their top-flight return in August. Congratulations and good luck to them for their campaign ahead.

Until next time,

Dan Brett

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Source: DSG

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