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Liverpool fc as been in my heart all of my life. I do consider myself a Liverpool fanatic, as I always keep up to date on what’s happening in the world of LFC.

To this day I’m not sure where it came from, as none of the family are Liverpool supporters, but from a young age it was always Liverpool. My parents tried their best to change it but it just wasn't happening.

My mum is a Barnsley fan and took me to a couple of games as a child to try and sway me, but wasn't successful, and my dad was a Manu fan and tried to push me in that direction but, again, wasn't successful. Truthfully though he only supports who’s winning, and if you asked him who scored for the red devils last week he’d probably say Eric Cantana. That's how up to date he is.

Anyway, I do go to watch Liverpool play when I can afford it, and one day I will be a season ticket holder. I’ve been on the waiting list about 5 years, and with a little bit of luck I will be a hell of a lot closer when Anfield is extended.

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