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    My name is Robert Johnson. I am a 52 year old teacher of the English language, published writer and all round sports fan. My penchant is for stories related to Manchester City and Leeds United, teams I have begun to support recently and since the glory days of the 1970s respectively.

    I am married, with two grown up children and have worked for the Press Association before now, so have some inkling as to how these stories are put together and managed, but seek to further a career in such writing, leaving the teaching on the back burner where possible.

    I love sports like Rugby League, MotoGP and football, as a watcher and former player and tend to get really fixated on a game when I get the chance to watch one.

    I also like to think that I can be analytical as well as simply describing the facts as they appear and believe that I can make a difference in the genre of sports journalism!


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