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I have been looking to get into the media industry for sometime now as opinions are a passion of mine and I have a desire to express it. Sport happens to be my other passion or even obsession so sports journalism appears to be where I am well suited.

I am known quite widely for my knowledge of football which is why I use my opinion a lot when talking about it. It's great having debates with people about sport because it is such a diverse area that is so popular.

I do a lot of work with my local paper and also I have been doing some work with the nationals papers recently. I have been able to meet the people who really understand football to the full and hear how they think on certain issues in the sport that has so many followers across the globe.

To understand a sport you have to have passion for it and my passion comes through my team. I am a Sunderland fan even though I live in Essex. That is a way to determine passion. How far would you go for something you love?

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