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My name is Jack O’Riordan and I am a twenty- four year old recent graduate from Oxford Brookes University; I studied English Literature and Film and have a great passion for both. I live in London and am currently working as a trainee with an editing company on a voluntary basis as I am trying to get into the world of media but my real passion lies in sport, namely football. Writing about it, talking about it and studying it are real joys of mine, hence why I am trying to get some exposure so maybe one day I can do all those things as a profession. I am an avid Arsenal supporter and have been a member there since I was five; I try to go to as many games as I possibly can.

My writing style is a concoction of many facets; I try to bring some enthusiasm to my articles as I feel this is important to be able to connect to readers of my work. But I do like to remain objective when writing. It is important to look at every angle of a story; this separates intellectual debates from ranting arguments.

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