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I feel as if I treat sports like a polygamist would -- I have many passions and am in love with them all. Not that I would know for certain, but I'd hazard to guess even polygamists have their "favourite" spouse, and football just so happens to be mine. There's just something about it that rivets my senses and stirs my emotions unlike anything else in sport.

As a child my footballing idol was Gianfranco Zola, which lead to my immediate love for "Autoglass." My parents thought it was cute I called Chelsea FC -- "Autoglass," but in all honesty it's embarrassing in retrospect. In the beginning my fandom it was all about Zola, simply put -- he was a magician; but after a while it became less about the Italian and more about the club, the crest, Stamford Bridge and the overall sense of fulfillment I shared with the team. The job of being a supporter is at times maddening, at times woeful and at times frustrating, but at its best there's seldom on this planet that can rival the joy you receive from pledging yourself to a shirt, and I'm sure many people here know the feeling. My only duty here I feel is to convey that sentiment through my writing -- it's something I look forward to.

I'm originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (circa 1990), and have lived in various places throughout the planet since. At the time I'm a recent graduate from university and if all goes to plan I'll eventually be in that "Top 1%," everyone seems to hate, dressed in white on a beach somewhere, but until then -- you can find me here.


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