Cesc: Spit spat closed for me

29 March 2009 11:10
The Football Association is investigating after it was alleged that Fabregas spat at Tigers assistant boss Brian Horton in the aftermath of the Gunners' FA Cup quarter-final victory at the Emirates Stadium earlier this month.

But Spain international Fabregas insists he simply wants to concentrate on his return from a long-term knee injury.

Speaking to Sky Sports News at the launch of his new 'Campus Cesc' soccer school near Barcelona, he said: "My job is to play football, to talk about football and not talk about things that are not true or about something else.

"I am very relaxed and I think this is completely closed for me - I'm very happy, I'm coming back, I'm going to play football again, that's the most important thing for me."

Asked if he had any regrets about his behaviour, he replied: "No - I'm happier than ever, I'm going to play football again, I slept better than ever so that is the most important thing for me."

Fabregas could not comment on some people's views that he looked aggressive after the Hull game.

"I don't know - that's people's opinions but I was very happy because the team went through," he said.

Asked if he is confident that he will be cleared by the FA and the matter will be closed, he replied: "For me it is closed already - I have nothing to say, I'm very happy, I'm going to play football again and that's the most important thing."

Instead, the Spaniard is hoping he can take to the field against Man City next Saturday, saying he feels ready to play.

"I am not injured any more - I am ready to play - it's just about my fitness, my match fitness, how it goes but it should be okay," he said.

Source: Team_Talk