Blues considering administration

06 May 2009 12:32
The Blues suffered a torrid season in which they have endured a transfer embargo and plummeting attendances at the Deva.[LNB]And owner Vaughan told the Chester Evening Leader: "We will look at the possibility of administration and we will speak to the Conference to make sure there are no problems.[LNB]"I don't need to justify to anybody in any world or any industry that I'm a Chester City fan through and through.[LNB]"The rumours will fly around and people will speculate in any shape or form they wish. But I will do what is best for this club.[LNB]At the weekend Football Conference chairman Brian Lee said: "It is our understanding that Chester are very close to administration, that's the latest thing for us to deal with."[LNB][LNB]

Source: Team_Talk