Rumours And Counter Rumours

14 January 2013 01:37
Yesterday's result seemed to bring with it seriosu concerns about Westley's future at the club as well as a number of rumours, some absurd about what will happen next.

No offical word has been iven by the club about the manager's position. Neither a vote of confidence, a sacking or resigantion so at the present time of writing (13.30 on Monday 14 January) Graham Westley is still officially the manager.

I must stress these are rumours at this point and no one has confirmed or denied the same. The first appearts to be that Hemmings and Ridsdale were set to meet yesterday evening after the game at Farrington Lodge. There is nothing unusual in this as owner and "Chairman" often meet away from the club to discuss how the club is progressing.

It appears though that the pair may not have got as far as Farrington Lodge as the rumours go lights were seen on in Deepdale well into the night presumably in Ridsdale's office and not the cleaner. They may have just been discussing where to go for a curry?

Some fans have suggested that Westley offered to resign after the game but there appears to be little truth in this as he compared himself to Sir Alex Ferguson in the post match press conference.

As when our club is in any sort of crisis the name Billy Davies appears to crop up and the wildest rumour so far has linked Ridsdale with a meeting with Billy today. Perhaps they just want to share a coffee and discuss model planes or maybe they just aren't meeting at all.

In any event it keeps things entertaining until someone who probably isn't our chairman makes a statement.

Source: WHITES


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