Old Boys Come Back

17 November 2010 10:24
Darren Ferguson has now managed to complete three loan signings in less than 48 hours as ex-Preston player Michael Tonge and Danny Pugh signed from Stoke, both on a one month loan. Ferguson seems to go through players at a rate of knots until he finally gives up on them blaming lack of cash or injuries or luck or anything really for his inability to manage them correctly. Anyway the good news is that we all know Michael Tonge is a decent attacking midfielder at this level. He was here for a month around the same time last week and during Irvine's final dark days he actually shone wuite brightly. He should fit in well either in midfield or out wide. The trouble is that this area is the most populated of a very thin squad. Danny Pugh has also joined for one month mainly due to inuries at Preston - heaven help us if Ferguson actually wants to sign him on permanently after his last spell was less than average. Pugh will likely fill in at left back. This is mainly due to Davidson's injury but also Ferguson's inability to trust Gray, St Ledger and Jones at left back as well as falling out with Eddie Nolan. Well Ferguson appears to have been granted a month's grace to turn around the teams fortunes. He is now at the excuse stage of blaming lack of players and new input would mean new direction. If the signings of De Laet, Pugh and Tonge do not thrust Preston up the league then it will be another lie that Ferguson has led us thus showing his complete inability to coach a side.